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Automated Mailing Systems for Maximum Efficiency

At ECS Digital we offer Francotyp Postalia Ltd (FP) mailing system solutions to our clients. Despite the belief print is dead, many organizations still use this reliable, trusted method of communication for their business and marketing needs. Whether you send out mass mailings on a regular basis, have a large amount of outgoing mail to manage on a daily basis, or are simply looking for ways to reduce your administrative efforts, we offer FP mailing solutions to improve outgoing mail efficiency.

Complete Mailing Systems

Let us find the perfect equipment to automate the processing of your organization’s outgoing mail. Discover the capabilities of folder/inserter machines and how they can work together with addressing machines or separately to improve efficiencies.

Reduce Repetitive Manual Labour

The monotonous, time consuming process of processing outgoing mail is a drain on your manpower. You can reduce time wasted with an automated system that either allows you to free up administrative hours to focus on more important tasks, or reduce your workforce to positively impact your bottom line.

Reduced Wastage

Canada Post prefers the accuracy of automated postage processing for outgoing mail as it reduces waste and ensures the proper postage is applied for each piece of mail.

Reduced Human Error

Automated mailing systems ensure accuracy and reduce risk for costly human error that can result in unpaid invoices, lost sales, and unpaid accounts payables.

Meeting Your Outgoing Mail Needs

We can help you find the appropriate size and capacity for your mailing system to ensure you don’t overspend on too large a system, or underestimate demand and lose out on efficiency. Whether you mail 15 to 30 pieces a day, or over 200, we have the ideal mail folding machine to manage your mail.

Time-Saving Features

Today’s paper folding machines make everything easy from online postal expense management to dynamic weighing and from automated low ink alerts for postage to simplified load ‘n’ go mixed mail feeds. Everything is automated for convenience and efficiency.

Mail Folder & Inserter Machine

Your mailroom can use a boost with folding and inserter equipment designed for efficiency. Your team reduces manual labour with automated, precision folding and insertion to quickly process small or large volumes of mail with accuracy. You’ll see a reduction in human error and ensure the right postage is paid to avoid returns. Returns are time-consuming, while also impacting many aspects of your business from receipt of payment to marketing campaigns. Your mail can be customized so everything you send is consistently branded. Concise and clearly printed labels improve deliveries and reduce the risk of returns. Your outgoing mail always maintains a professional appearance to reflect the high standards of your business.

PostBase - FP Mailing Solutions

Postage Meters run your mail and attach indicia instead of stamps. They offer discounts and savings on Canada Post rates as well as cost account tracking and invoices.

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Francotyp Postalia (FP)

As always, the ECS team has sourced the leading brand of mailing systems in the world. FP has been manufacturing mailing systems since 1923 and continues to raise the bar for mailing systems worldwide. As an independent distributor, we are backed by their expertise, allowing us to bring the best products to your business. Speak to our team to learn more about the FP mailing systems available.

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