FPi 6700 Folder Inserter

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FPi 6700 Folder Inserter

The FPi 6700 raises the bar in complicated mailroom processes with its high volume mail capabilities. This powerful workhorse is fully customizable, which allows you to create the configuration that easily processes your organization’s business critical mailings.

Overcome the challenges of protecting your sensitive, business critical documents with the FPi 6700’s robust security features, such as the Document Intelligence Software.

Simply load the documents and envelopes and press start. The FPi 6700 automatically processes the job. Plus, the FPi 6700 comes equipped with a large, full colour, high definition touchscreen. Its intuitive design makes operation simple and straightforward.

The FPi 6700 Folder Inserter provides ultimate efficiency with customizable and upgradable features. The two high capacity exits can hold up to 1,500 finished envelopes. With multiple exits you can choose the right exit for the job. The envelope feeder allows the user to load envelopes on-the-fly for uninterrupted processing.

FPi 6700 Folder Inserter 1
FPi 6700 Folder Inserter 2
FPi 6700 Folder Inserter 3
FPi 6700 Folder Inserter 4

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