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As a digital office supplier, we’ll help you navigate the often overly complicated world of technology leading you to the tools your company needs to succeed including:.

Multi-Functional Devices

Intuitive, multi-functional devices are designed to improve efficiencies across the board. At the heart of digital office equipment, your team will find it easier to operate, control, monitor, manage and maintain your devices, allowing for the next level of productivity and performance.

Desktop Printers

Your team can connect and print with ease using advanced technology that combines a one-step tap with print, scan, or fax capabilities from any NFC-supported mobile device. Our impressive selection of office printers and copiers have been carefully selected to meet the needs of today’s thriving business.

Managed Print Services

We monitor and maximize your printer’s functionality. This automated process allows us to respond quickly and effectively to issues, minimizing your printers’ and MFPs’ downtime.

Interactive Displays

If your business is all about wowing the socks off your customers, we offer interactive display solutions that ensure brilliant, colourful HD images and intuitive touchscreen operation whether it’s for a seminar, training, or sales.

Document Workflows

Access a user friendly platform where people can capture, extract, and classify information to create usable intelligence with document workflows.


Help protect business and customer information, improve your commitment to customer privacy and manage paper waste in an environmentally-friendly way with onsite shredders.

FP Mailing Solutions

If you send out mass mailings on a regular basis, have a large amount of outgoing mail to manage on a daily basis, or are simply looking for ways to reduce your administrative efforts, FP mailing solutions can help improve outgoing mail efficiency.

Dynabook Laptops

Dynabook Laptops offer exceptional all-around performance for productive and accessible teams. These laptops provide everything your team needs whether they are in the office, out in the field, or working from home.

OEM Toner Cartridge

Using the right toner is important for maintaining print quality and a long product life. We offer OEM Toner Cartridges that are compatible with a wide range of printers and MFPs!

Our goal is to bring new business ideas to your company

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